Stephen founded Gilbert Dogs 24/7 in 2009, Chandler Dogs 24/7 in 2011 and Tempe Dogs 24/7 I 2015 through a love for dogs and vision for a better way to take care of people’s fur babies. He revolutionized the dog boarding and dog day care industry in the east valley by pioneering the 24/7 cage-free environment. Time has proven this environment to be a less stressful more enjoyable place for most dogs. With an understanding of the busy world we live in, he also pioneer the 24/7 pickup and drop off model. This level of service has yet to be duplicated in the state of Arizona or possibly the entire country. Finally, he pioneered the movie experience through social media channels of YouTube and Facebook. Stephen is an avid dog lover with 6 dogs of his own with 5 of them coming from rescue shelters or found as strays.     LinkedIn


Carlos has been the Manager of Chandler Dogs 24/7 since August of 2013. He's been with the company for 2 years, starting out at Gilbert Dogs. He has been in the dog care industry for over 4 years. His passion is dogs! "I rescued, fostered and socialized power breeds (German Shepherds, Rottweiler's, Bull Mastiffs and Pit bulls) for about 4 years and had to stop 3 years ago due to the birth of my son. I currently have an 8 year old pug named Star. She grew up with big dogs and loves to keep them in line! I am so blessed to be able to have a career that is also my passion in life!"


Nikkieta started with Chandler Dogs 24/7 in May 2014 after moving from South Dakota. Previously working at a mostly kennel free facility for 2 years, she learned much about dog behaviors! She started on as a specialist and is now the daytime supervisor at both Chandler and Gilbert Dogs. She has three pets. A black cat, named Aiden, a four year old Pomeranian named Tidus, and most recently and 6 month old Rottweiler puppy named Muffin. Her favorite thing to do on her days off are shopping and going to dog parks. ""I knew this industry was perfect for me, when I never wake up feeling like I'm going to work, I feel like I'm just going to see all my friends, human and animal!


Alex began working with in four legged friends industry four years ago in Oregon at Dogs Dig It. Since then, the care of fur babies has been nothing less than a passion for Alex. He quickly moved up as a pack leader and knew he wanted to learn even more! After moving to Arizona, Alex began working at Gilbert Dogs 24/7 in February 2013. Alex has quickly moved up in Dogs 24/7 as a senior specialist at both Gilbert Dogs and Chandler Dogs. "I have learned so much, not just from my peers, but also our four legged friends."


Doug has been with the company since 2009. He started as the Night Supervisor at Gilbert Dogs in 2009. In 2013, he moved to his current position as Accountant. Doug has a keen knowledge of not only Gilbert Dogs, but also Chandler Dogs; he works at both locations. He is known for his friendly, helpful demeanor with a wealth of knowledge about the company and the industry. Doug’s Great Dane, Roxy, is often referred to as "the love of his life".    LinkedIn


Jeye attended and graduated from the Military Working Dog Training School at Lackland Air Force Base in San Antonio, Texas. He then spent seven years on an explosive detection K9 team for the United States Navy. Jeye completed his tour with the military and then moved back home to Chandler with his wife and 6 year old German Shepherd, Rex. Jeye joined the Gilbert/Chandler Dogs family in February of 2013 where he works as the Night Shift Manager for Chandler. Jeye loves the opportunity to continue working with dogs.


Melissa has been with the company for over 3 years. She has built an excellent grooming program through her great skill as a groomer and her kind, polite style with the dogs and their parents. Melissa was promoted to Grooming Supervisor in 2013. In 2014, she was made the Manager of Grooming at Gilbert Dogs and Chandler Dogs. Melissa has 4 dogs at home.


Cheryl has been with us since July 2014. She is the mother of 3 children, ages 6, 12 and 19, with one grandson and one grandchild on the way! She has two cats named Maggie and Floyd. Currently, she has no dogs at home, but gives every ounce of love to her fur babies at daycare! Her favorite dog breed is the German Shepherd. Cheryl has a very collected and friendly personality that dogs and humans love to be around!


Erica started working for Chandler and Gilbert Dogs 24/7 January 11, 2011. She has worked extensively with dog rescues all over the valley and is also trained in canine trauma and first aid. She have three rescue kids, Warhol who is a Pittie, Odin who is a Mountain. She also has a 6 month old human daughter named August! Erica is hardworking and always eager to learn more about dog behavior and handling. All the dogs love her to pieces!


Dave has been with us for over a year starting as a Helper and working his way up to Specialist. He is a confident, easy going guy that staff, dogs and clients all respect. Dave has one fur baby, Savanah, a Border collie and Australian Shepherd mix that is his life! Dave has a calm aura that all the dogs respond to and love.


Sam started with Chandler Dogs in December 2014. Previously he was playing with puppies at Friends for life Animal Shelter for a year, plus a lifetime spent being around happy, healthy animals of all kinds! He currently has a 3 year old Husky named Kodah. His two favorite dog breeds are Borzois and Schipperkes. He is attending school full time for a linguistics degree, with a focus on East Asian languages, but is also heavily involved in several art programs on campus. His goal is to someday get a career in the translation field! Sam has a knack for keeping a safe and fun daycare room.


Joseph Kruse has worked with Dogs 24/7 for 4 years now. Starting out as a novice handler working nights and helping Specialists during the day, he is now co-managing both Chandler and Gilbert Dogs. ‘I knew this was the right place for me when I found Queenie. She is an America Bully, and my world. Because of Stephen’s generosity I was able to rehabilitate, and socialize her in daycare and outside environments. She is my greatest success.’ He has taken several courses concerning dog health and behavior, and is more than happy to share this knowledge with staff and customers. "The theory behind the ability to read and predict animal behavior fascinates me. I believe that their companionship throughout history is an important part of our own success as a species." "I feel lucky that I can do something I truly enjoy every day, and come home to my loved ones that know I've found my calling."


Nicole was trained and certified as a groomer through PetSmart, she worked for them for two years and also traveled to other salons. She also has worked from home and a few other small salons in the Chandler area. Overall, she has 5 amazing years of experience, grooming and working with dogs. She had an Aussie mix named Toby for 8 years, who was her first fur baby, but recently had to be put to rest due to medical reasons. "My job and community work with local shelters gives me a wonderful opportunity to always be surrounded with the love and joy I get from dogs. It makes my job and relationships with my clients that much more special."